Hand Made. That about says it all. Paintings. Clocks. Lamps. Sculpture. Stained glass. Websites. All made piece by piece using canvas, paint, steel, stained glass, and wood. These works are each one -of a- kind. Everything you see on this page is hand made. Except the websites. They’re coded in WordPress.


Window Art

Window Art

My mother lives in a 650 square foot house designed by a very well known architect.  Everything has it’s place.  She has a very nice art collection, but it takes up all of the wall space.  So I created something to hang in her windows. Hence “Window Art”.


Clocks Collection

Each clock is hand made. There will be some variation.  If you see a style you like, it can be custom made with different style hands, stained glass colors and patterns.  Please email art@LivengoodStudio.com with custom requests for a price quote.